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#10 Custom CYMK Envelope w/ clear labels - barcoded PRST Standard


Data Merge - Personalized Direct Mail newsletter


Inserted CYMK Ripcard - removable business card at bottom

Well - our name says it all... after you get some images - then what?

Or maybe you need help finding the right images - how best to tell your story? Maybe you have a overwhelming stack of images - we can help.

We are a small and nimble design studio that provides the level of personal service you have been looking for... We specialize in helping small businesses like yours effectively communicate their message.

We also welcome working as a component for a larger team or collaborative effort - skilled in commenting and review.

We have 24+ years experience designing for CYMK process and most other printing methods and 12 years designing for the web.

Payment Methods
We accept cash, checks and PayPal.

Hourly Rate
$50 per hour


2 rounds of proofs included - major changes after the 2nd proof will incure new charges.

All proofing is done electronically via CYMK .pdf.

Rush charges

If you just have to have it - now! We can usually deliver - we charge twice as much as normal - but, we won't make promises we can't keep.

We create clean trouble-free files - whether sending them to a high end RIP or your personal inkjet.

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